Available courses

Women Involved In Community Transformantion

The Women Involved in Community Transformation (WICT) Project is managed and delivered by the Women’s Intervention Partnership (WIP) incorporating Training for Women Network (Operational Lead), Co-operation Ireland, Intercomm and Foyle Women’s Information Network (FWIN).

Women from across NI have the opportunity to complete modules of training including:-

 ·      Personal Development & Health & Well-Being

·       Citizenship

·       Leadership

·       Women in the Justice System

·       Women in Peace-Building


These modules provide skills, knowledge, confidence and understanding for women participants and we strongly believe that these modules are essential in enabling and empowering women to success within and outside of their communities, to deepen their engagement with others who are marginalised within the community, preparing them for progression onto Phase 2 of the programme.  

Women have the option of completing an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Level 2 qualification on Leadership & Team Skills.  this is achieveable by completing and passing the following two modules:-

  1. Citizenship
  2. Leadership

All training materials and resources are available within this platform to enable the participant to complete the training and assessments to gain the qualification